Baraka Community Association organises and subsidises an annual trip for children to learn more about Britain.

During the summer holidays groups are taken on a three day course to Handleap Warren, East Sussex.  They have the chance to do field crafts and learn survival techniques as well as engage in water sports and archery.  They are given confidence-building challenges which encourage group decisions and teamwork.  See the photographs above for an indication of the types of challenges the children are presented with.

For more information please contact Baraka.


Baraka offers a range of support to local Somalians, from advice on practical issues to advocacy.

Baraka is actively engaged with community organisations and works with service providers in North Kensington, attending community meetings and advising the council and elected representatives on matters relating to the Somalian community. Baraka also works with the local police to foster good relations.

For fifteenyears Baraka has worked to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and sought to minimise social exclusion. Baraka's work focuses on creating integration and community cohesion.

Please see the Contact Us page for information on how to speak to Baraka Community Association

Gym Session

Every Wednesday, open for boys and girls aged over 11, 7:30 - 8:30 with a qualified instructor (includes induction) at the Westway Sports Centre

Swimming for Girls - there will be more information about this when it becomes available.

For more information on any of these free sports activities please contact Abullahi Ali, coordinator of the Baraka Youth Association by telephone on 07949 727322 or by email at

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