Aisha and the Sea

29 September 2017

Over the summer Baraka Community Association organised relief and support for families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire on 14 June.

The support provided by Baraka included advocacy work, liaison with the authorities, and volunteering near the site of the disaster, directing people to the appropriate support services.

Additionally, Baraka was able to organise local events and several trips out of West London for affected young people and their families. These included trips to Thorpe Park, Chessington, Legoland, holidays at Butlins and a residential visit to Hindleap Warren.

The benefits and spirit of such trips have been captured by local poet Mark Bolton in his poem Aisha and the Sea, reflecting the invaluable role played by the local community in supporting each other and providing some normality and joy for local children living in the shadow of an unprecedented disaster. You can read it below.

Aisha and the Sea

Oh! Sea you are so powerful
I am so small
Waves rush past me,
like the fleeing
Gently receding, pulling sand over my toes
embedding me once more into this earth,

Innocent unpolluted air filling, cleansing my lungs
from the dark soot of pain
that clings to my soul
like limpets upon rock
for fleeting seconds
I forget that beacon of despair
it is washed from my mind,
feeling one with nature, the sea

Staring towards the horizon
reclaiming, restoring my hopes, my dreams
nightmares briefly extinguished
by this planet’s womb-like amniotic waters,
everything so perfect here
Mother smiling with her eyes
that sparkle again
twinkling like the sun’s glistening rays in the surf,

I am a child again!
No longer old before my time
Oh! Sea you are so beautiful
I am so small…

M.C. Bolton, September 2017


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