Baraka Hosts Kids Writing/Poetry Workshop

20 February 2018

Baraka hosted a writing and poetry workshop for local children in North Kensington...


During half-term, 18 children attended a two-hour workshop at Canalside House, Ladbroke Grove, to learn writing and poetry skills. The workshop was run by the local blog Urban Dandy London.

As it was the 14th of the month, eight months to the day since the Grenfell Tower disaster, the students’ first task was to reflect on that day in writing and then feed back to the group about their memories and experiences. They then brainstormed on how life has been since that day, either personally, or for the whole North Kensington community.

Having thought about events, the children then learned some specific writing and journalistic skills, including the importance of planning a piece of work. They also heard about the importance of language in being able to think about life, articulating their experiences and finding their voice as writers.

After choosing a specific angle and writing their final piece, the group moved on to an hour of poetry. They enjoyed readings from local poet Mark Bolton, who read the first poem he ever wrote, as well as a more recent offering called Aisha and the Sea, which reflected on the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire.

The young people then went straight into writing their own poems and finished the workshop by reading them out. Their styles ranged from humorous to heartfelt and all of them were willing to try out their new skills. Watch this space to read some of their work…

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