Baraka Meets With Home Secretary

10 November 2016

On 9th November, the coordinator of the Baraka Community Association met with new Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, at Kensington Town Hall.

Baraka was invited as part of the tri-borough Prevent Advisory Group, which advises the council on issues pertinent to the government’s Prevent strategy.

Ms Rudd was keen to hear about Baraka’s work supporting parenting, education and youths in the community. The issue of knife crime following the summer stabbing incident in Portobello Road came up.

Abdullahi was able to explain to the Home Secretary that an incident like the tragic stabbing represents a culmination of circumstances: family breakdown, the culture in the local area and a lack of opportunities for young people. Children also don’t attain to the levels they could at school. These are all areas that Baraka has identified as ones it can work with.

However, the Home Secretary also heard that increased resources are required to enable organisations like Baraka to be even more effective in their outreach work.

  • Author: Baraka Team
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