Baraka Kids’ Blogs #2

11 June 2018

One of the Baraka kids reflects on the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the summer that followed it...

Summer after Grenfell


On the 14th of June a huge fire engulfed Grenfell tower leaving 72 dead. I didn’t know what had happened until that morning, when I woke up and saw my mum and sister sitting in front of the T.V with distress and sadness written all over their faces. One of the first victims identified was Mohammed Alhajali, who had come to Britain to escape from war in Syria.

As I left my house and walked to school, I had so many questions running through my mind about what happened. I wanted to find out as much information as I could. As I continued walking to school, I could see clouds of ashes from the Grenfell tower filling the sky. I had arrived at school, I was standing in front of the shrimp black gates, as I entered everything felt completely different. Students were huddled in groups with shock on their faces.

The last dull days of school had slowly passed by. Summer was arriving but not everyone was excited. Many people were still distressed about the fire. Because of this, organisations such as Baraka Community Association organised trips to various places such as Hindleap Warren and other theme parks. These trips helped young children and adults take their minds off the tragedy as they were in a happier environment and were enjoying themselves.


At Hindleap Warren

By ‘Author MN’

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