Support Baraka in #DragonFest 2019 Boat Race

20 June 2019

Support Baraka as we race in #DragonFest 2019

Baraka Community Association has been invited to enter the prestigious 2019 Lord Mayor’s Dragon Boat Race Day, known as DragonFest.

The race takes place on Saturday 28th September in the 38-acre Fairlop Waters in Redbridge country park, known for its open vistas and calm waters.

A team representing Baraka will be competing for the Lord Mayor’s Cup in an event with a history going back over two centuries. The celebratory day aims to unify people from across London, with the common goal of contributing towards a better society.

Baraka will use the money it raises to fund trips away from North Kensington for young service users, who otherwise struggle to get away from London during the long summers. For the past 17 summers Baraka has taken groups of young people to experience the great outdoors at Hindleap Warren Outdoor Education Centre in East Sussex, a world away from their everyday lives in West London. As well as arranging the residential trips, Baraka provides a subsidy that covers almost all of the cost of the trip so that families can send their children on a safe, stimulating and rewarding holiday. 

At Hindleap Warren, young people are able to participate in five days of exciting and challenging activities, including kayaking, water sports, zip wire, rock climbing, archery, bushcraft, team challenges, forest adventure and orienteering.

Here is what some of the young people have said about the Baraka trips to Hindleap:

It was nice to spend time in the countryside; in London all you can do is go to a park and have a picnic” – female, aged nine.

London is busier and in the countryside you feel more relaxed” – male, aged six.

In summer 2018, Baraka carried out a youth consultation, which revealed the following:

 – Getting away from London is not possible for some Baraka service users due to low family incomes,

 – Being away from their overcrowded accomodation provides stress relief and higher self-esteem for the young people

Baraka works with many children from some of the most economically deprived wards in London. The trips to Hindleap have been incredibly successful and popular, with over 50 children taking part some years. Baraka has not yet booked its visit to Hindleap for 2019 due to insufficient funds. 

Baraka has already paid the £450 entry fee for FragonFest and will use all the funds raised to provide an invaluable and unforgettable visit to Hindleap for a group of children and young people from West London. 

A team of 17 will row for Baraka on the day,

Please support them and help Baraka fund its residential away from London by donating here:!/

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