Baraka Goes Green for Grenfell

18 June 2019

Baraka turned Green for Grenfell

To mark the second anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, Baraka Community Association turned its office green. As part of the Green for Grenfell movement, Canalside House was one of 40 local buildings that were illuminated as part of the local community’s efforts to honour the occasion, providing light in dark times.

Baraka’s office on Ladbroke Grove

Baraka was active during and after the June 2017 fire, providing support and relief to those affected and we continue to work with affected families.

Baraka thanks the organisers of Green for Grenfell¬†for their enterprising work in the local community. Baraka’s Director, Abdullahi Ali said: “We were more than happy to turn the office green for the anniversary. It is important to remember the events of two years ago and to stand together as a community to honour those who died and those who continue to suffer.”

Below are photos of some of the other local buildings that went green for Grenfell:

The Tabernacle

Notting Hill Methodist Church

Grenfell Tower and Kensington Leisure Centre

St Thomas’ Primary School

Looking west from Trellick Tower



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