Baraka Kids’ Blogs #1

4 June 2018

The first of the Baraka kids' blogs following the expressive writing workshops...

As part of Baraka’s Easter Holiday activities, children participated in a poetry and writing workshop. Some of the young people have been refining their work and have sent pieces in to us to be published.

Here is the first blog, on the pressures of secondary school and exams, by ‘Author X’…


A New Chapter


Summer drifted away, it was the 10th of September 2017, Rosie’s first day of year 11. She slowly walked into the shrimp black gates of her school. All the speeches that she had been given about how important and toilsome this year was going to be had lingered about in her head.


Rosie had her own goals and hopes that this academic year would be much more productive and successful than her last. Her mind was set straight and had she to keep focused and never take her eyes off the ball. It was going to be a long, exhausting and difficult year but in the eyes of Rosie she had decided if she had reached her goal it was all going to be worth it.


Compared to last year she had put in a substantial and a great amount of time  and focus into her studies. Sacrifices which thought would never have to be made was made all considering her goal was to obtain the highest achievable result for her GCSEs. Rosie had wanted these grades deeply and she was not ready to let anyone, or anything get in the way of her success.


Sleepless nights, continuously working throughout the day and limiting the amusing and lively activities she could have done but decided not to. Rosie was now exhausted and spiritless at times and had the idea of surrendering. However, it was prompted that all of the hard work she had put in shouldn’t be easily atrophied after there wasn’t much to go. It was two months until Rose would enter that hall and face her exams. In light of this she plunged her head deep into her books and before she knew it, it was time to sit her exams.


Palms sweating, continuous agitation and with all the tremor Rosie couldn’t stay still. It was results day, the day which had been kept in her mind and kept her driven through the hardest times.


Slowly opening the envelope scared to read it, after a few seconds of persuasion from her teacher she gets the courage to open it and she had achieved her goal. Rosie jumped in joy , delight written all over her face,She had scored the highest result in each one of her subjects and this was the best possible feeling as everything was now bright for her due to her constant hard work.



Author X


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