Baraka コミュニティ協会* visits British Museum

20 May 2019

Baraka attends the special Manga exhibition at the British Museum

*translation ‘Community Association’

Baraka members were once again able to take advantage of the British Museum’s fantastic community preview policy when they attended the Manga exhibition on Sunday 19th May.


The British Museum offers charities such as Baraka the chance see the special exhibitions for free, as part of its drive to open up to groups that are sometimes excluded.

The Manga exhibition showcased some of the most popular and skilled Manga artists of all time, from the art form’s beginnings in the nineteenth century, through to today, with its hit movies and multi-million selling series such as One Piece.

The exhibition also showcases the skill and attention to detail of the Manga artists and the level of devotion required to make it in an incredibly competitive industry in Japan.

For more on the Manga exhibition, click here: – It runs until late August.

  • Author: Abdullahi
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