‘Understanding Palestine’ Half-Term Class

30 May 2018

Baraka's free half-term class on Palestinian history

In our latest free holiday event for members and local families, Baraka hosted a fascinating class during Spring half-term for young people to learn more about Palestine and the Middle East.

The class was delivered by Akram Sahlab, who was born in Jerusalem, and works as a Campaigns and Advocacy Officer for the North Kensington-based charity Migrants Organise.

Akram told the children that since world war two the number of countries in the world has grown, but that, unlike many former colonies, Palestine is still waiting for its freedom and self-determination. The young people heard about the situation facing Palestinian refugees, the lives of school children under occupation, and how Palestinians use art and music to celebrate their culture.

The children used the Q & A session to grill Akram on how people live under occupation, international politics and why the situation has developed in the way it has. They were keen to hear about ways they could connect with young people in Palestine and in refugee camps.

Baraka looks forward to welcoming Akram back soon so the young people can learn more about Palestine and Palestinians.

  • Author: Abdullahi
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