New Name For Baraka

30 March 2017

UK Registered  Charity Number 1087721

Reg. Office: 10 Canal Side House, 383 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5AA

NEW NAME FOR BARAKA (‘Baraka’ translates as ‘blessing’).

Baraka Community Association is the new name of the organisation formally known as Baraka Youth Association. Baraka is an organisation based in North Kensington that primarily supports young Somalians, but from November 2013 the members of the Charity passed a resolution to amend the Constitution of the Charity including Name change in recognition of the charity’s widening areas of work.

While the charity’s core work will continue to be based around the much needed educational programmes, mentoring and youth engagement, we also currently undertake the following Tri-Borough work:-

  • Parenting programme
  • Intergenerational project
  • Crime prevention
  • Health and wellbeing


    The charity’s aims and objectives remain primarily to advance the welfare of asylum-seeker and refugee immigrant communities, mainly of Somalian origin but also including other vulnerable recently arrived/settled ethnic minority communities in London, concentrating particularly on those who live in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; in the City of Westminster; in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and in the London Borough of Brent.


    The charity will endeavour to achieve its aim of advancing the welfare of its target users in London by:-


1.  Provision of a counselling, advice, and guidance service to the target group to assist with their integration and inclusion into the wider community through access to services, education, training and jobs.

2. Provision of educational assistance to adults to acquire and develop their written and spoken English language abilities to improve their functionality in their new host community.

3. Provision of homework and study facilities for school-age children of the target communities to raise the children’s ability to access the school curriculum in the key subjects of English, Maths and Science. It will also raise these children’s self-confidence and allow them to integrate fully with their peers into the host community.


1.  By targeting the specifically “at risk” youth who may be in danger of drifting into alienation, isolation, anti-social behaviour, extremism and criminality. This we do by reaching out into our community, identifying those at risk, earning their trust through targeted professional mentoring, and then working in partnership with their parents, their schools, the Youth Services and other mainstream service providers for the benefit of this “difficult to reach” target group. We aim to prevent the drift into alienation from mainstream society by these young people (sometimes referred to as NEETs – Not in Employment, Education or Training)


1.  Provision of social activities such as holiday programmes to the seaside and the countryside, sports programmes, and other social and recreational activities such as coffee mornings for at-home mothers and family get-togethers. Within this we also encourage our service-users to become volunteers and peer-mentors to support others in need.



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