Summer Activities at Baraka

20 June 2021

Following the long period of restrictions during the pandemic, Baraka Community Association has been delighted to be able to deliver more projects face-to-face in recent weeks. Employing social distancing and regular hand sanitation, we have been able to open our doors to the community and offer more activities. Take a look below at what’s on offer, maybe there is something for you or your child to try…

Boxing sessions, incorporating information sessions and discussion with the Metropolitan Police’s local engagement team.

Girls’ cooking takes place on Saturdays, followed by basketball and table tennis sessions.

We host computer classes every Saturday. Children are learning how to use a variety different functions programmes including editing their work and adding design features. Thanks go to Kensington & Chelsea Foundation who donated laptops to make this project possible.

Youth engagement work at Baraka’s youth club takes place every Sunday, for young men aged 14 – 18 yrs.

Junior youth sessions for those aged 8 – 12 take place every Friday at the Canalside Centre.

We have also been very pleased to introduce our engagement project for older members of the community, reducing isolation and loneliness and ensuring digital inclusion. A small group meet on Wednesdays and Fridays to use laptops, hold a discussion about health, do some light fitness exercises and group walks as well as sewing sessions. Thanks again to Kensington & Chelsea Foundation whose community investment programme provided the funding for us to reach some of the most isolated people in the local community.

On Wednesdays we now host a female 50+ group; on Thursdays a Mothers’ group and on Sundays a Men’s group. Activities include fitness, health awareness sessions, digital inclusion, sewing sessions and group walks. Each session takes place between 10am and 1pm.

At half-term Baraka ran two important projects, a Grenfell Tower fire fourth anniversary workshop, and a Science workshop. At the Grenfell workshop, children were able to reflect on the events of four years ago and produce artworks expressing their feelings.

The interactive science workshop was delivered to two groups: primary and secondary students.

To access any of Baraka’s programmes, please contact Mo at Mohammed.senhaji@baraka.London or Abdullahi at

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