Baraka Youth Consultation Report

4 October 2018

Baraka Community Association Youth Consultation 2018 Report

During Summer 2018, Baraka Community Association held two consultations with young people from West London, aged 11-19, to gauge their views and give them an opportunity to express their needs and ideas.

Summary of Main Findings

  • There is a need for more access to sport and exercise. This is more urgent for young women, who face more barriers to participation and who expressed a need for stress relief through sport;
  • Academic success is the number one priority of the young people;
  • The young people are very ambitious, but seek guidance with the world of work, career options, university and other areas of adult life;
  • The young people reported a reliance on Baraka, educationally and socially.

You can download the full report as a PDF here: Baraka 2018 Consultation

  • Author: Abdullahi
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